Mini Maize Combine Harvesting Machine Sweet Corn Silage Harvester

Mini Maize Combine Harvesting Machine Sweet Corn Silage Harvester

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Henan, China

Product Description

Corn Silage Harvester Features:

1. Using the dial Wo chain force feed technology to solve a variety of spacing adaptability;

2.Pull the stem roller snapping plate snapping simple structure, small size, light weight, less grain loss, high efficiency;

3. High-efficiency automatic stripping device, chopped straw to field devices;

4. Peeling machine front, branch skinning, anti-clogging;

5. The shortest and lightest full-featured dual-row self-propelled machine;

6. Front and rear adjustable;

7. Double rod, slider lift mechanism to increase the stability and the height of the cutting table;

8. Hydraulic steering, flexible and comfortable.

3. Technical SpecificationsContact Us
Product NameCorn Silage Harvester
Capacity3,500 square meter per hour
Tractor Power Required≥32HP
Corn Cob Loss Rate≤3%
Corn Grain Loss Rate≤2%
Corn Grain Damage Rate≤1%
Volume of Hopper for Corn Cob0.96m³
Fuel ConsumptionAbout 10L per day
Main Machine WeightAbout 900kg
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)4500*1300*2650mm